2020 Mastermind Experience

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Go, Girl!

I see you. Putting in the hours, giving it your all, and hustling hard.

You’re proud of how much you’ve accomplished, but you want more. More money, more opportunities, more freedom, more happiness.

You know you’ve got one life and you don’t want to settle

You’re ready to go all in. To double-down on your dreams and go after what you really want. Not just in your career but in your life as well. You want it all. You want to be wildly successful and ridiculously happy.

And you’re eager to find other women just like you

Those who leave their excuses at the door, show up and do the work, and refuse to settle. Women who care deeply, cheer each other on, and generously share advice and resources. The kind that will call you on your shit and love you hard at the same time.

A high-level mastermind for ambitious women.

A year of adventure, fun, and playing bigger than you ever have before. Forget everything you think you know about masterminds, coaching, and group workshops.

You’ve never experienced anything like this.

Everything you need for a breakout year. All in one program.

What to Expect

Your life and career will change (for the better). You’ll gain instant access to a high-achieving group with resources and wisdom that will help you accelerate your success. Questions answered, strategies planned, problems solved, and issues resolved through the collective thinking of smart, ambitious women like you!

There's no room for playing small, making excuses, or putting yourself last.

When you commit to showing up for yourself and the group, don't be surprised when you:

  • Gain even more clarity as to what you want and how to achieve it

  • Make big decisions that radically shift the trajectory of your life and career

  • Raise your hand and go after big opportunities that seem out of reach

  • Feel more energized and excited about your career and life than you have in a long time


“Heather is so good at giving you the tools to achieve whatever your goals are; she is a cheerleader and ultimate strategist. If you're ready to take the leap and need someone to guide you on your way - Heather is your girl.”

Ifeoma Ibekwe


"The biggest takeaways have been how others perceive me, how I perceive myself, and learning how to more precisely articulate what it is that I do in a way that makes sense for other people who might want to hire me as well as thinking outside of the box in terms of marketing. The amount of creativity and brainstorming that happened in the mastermind was amazing and helped me to really do new and innovative things that actually resulted in new clients.

Stacey Garrett Koju

Your Breakthrough Year Starts Now...

Get Ready

As soon as you’re accepted in the program, we’ll begin onboarding you to prepare for the biggest year of your life.

Transformational Retreat at Miraval

Not wasting a single minute, we’ll kick off The 2020 Experience by gathering at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona for a transformational retreat. It’s impossible to leave the same.

After experiencing this mini-sabbatical,

you’ll have more clarity than ever before.

You’ll be ready to tackle your biggest goals with energy and excitement knowing that you have exactly what you need to crush your fears and slay your strategy.

Accommodations, meals, and transportation to/from airport included.



The hardest part of playing bigger is going it alone. That’s why you’ll have access to not one but two masterminds. You’ll get the benefit of the network of the larger group of women as well as the insight and strategy from your smaller squad led by a dedicated industry leader.

You’ll meet with your squad for 90-minute Zoom online video group calls dedicated to “hot seats” to help you develop and refine your strategy and get real-time feedback and advice as you implement your plans. You won’t have to figure things out on your own or wonder what you should do next.


You’ll be ready to unplug and reconnect in-person with your new tribe as well as meet the larger group come summer. We’ll gather for a luxury summer camp experience at Miraval in Austin, TX. You’ll get to participate in workshops, group hot seats, and activities designed to stretch you and support you. You’ll walk away with new ideas, tools, and resources so you can remain in the perfect state of hustle and flow throughout the summer. 
Accommodations, meals, and transportation to/from airport included.



Between the busyness of life and work, and the difficult work required to face your fears to create the life you want, it might be tempting to let off the gas... Not with The 2020 Experience. You’ll get the fuel you need to keep going during our 90-minute Accelerators. They’ll help you dig deeper and push forward at exactly those moments when you need motivation to keep up the momentum.


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Of course, there will be times when you need individual support and want expert advice. That’s why you’ll get six 1-hour individual sessions to use throughout the year. Fully customizable, you’ll get to choose from a roster of experts to support you in the areas where you need the most help. Book them with who you want, when you want.



After a year of chasing your biggest goals, you’ll love meeting again in-person in November to review your progress and plan for 2021. Not only will you get free admission to our annual LIVE 2-day planning workshop, as a member of The 2020 Experience, you’ll participate in an exclusive, private workshop the day before the event begins.



You’ll also receive the 2020 Planner bundle, access to our private online portal with all program materials and video replays, and an invitation to our private Facebook group only for 2020 Experience participants and leaders. Throughout the year, we’ll provide the structure you need to stay focused on reaching your biggest goals.

Complete Transformation

You have high standards. We do, too. That’s why no detail has been overlooked. This customized transformational experience will not just be a year to remember, it will be the year everything changes for you.

Sound like exactly what you need?

We're accepting applications for The 2021 Experience now!


“One month after the in-person, my husband shared that I accomplished more in one month than over the past year. It was true. Joining the mastermind was the one thing that has catapulted me forward; it gave me the structure and ability to focus. Heather gave me the encouragement I needed to step out there. Going through a process like this, you need to hear the positive and the negative and Heather has a way of sharing both that feels free of judgment and encouraging.”

Ashley Storm


“A LOT has changed since joining Heather Hubbard’s mastermind. It was the beginning of my journey with Heather and she came into my life exactly when I needed her most. She helped shape the life I have now, both personally and professionally. I can’t wait to work with her again."

Megan Shapiro

Heather Hubbard

Heather Hubbard is a former partner and practice group leader of an AmLaw 200 firm.

During her legal career, Heather was honored by Best Lawyers in America (Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation, Copyrights, Trademarks), SuperLawyers, Benchmark Litigation, and Managing IP Stars. She received the ABA Entertainment Law Initiative Award and was named one of Nashville’s 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal.

In 2014, Heather decided to leave the full-time practice of law to establish her own coaching and consulting company. Heather provides personalized solutions for ambitious women seeking more success and satisfaction in their legal careers.

Combining her legal and management background with her innate ability to relate to others in an authentic and approachable way, she is respected and well-liked.

Her weekly podcast, Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard, was recently named a Top 25 podcast by the ABA Journal.

Offering real talk and practical solutions, Heather is a breath of fresh air in the professional and business world.

As Seen in

“Fearless Leader” Facilitators

Erika Royal, Esq.

A prominent attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Erika is a Partner at Holland & Knight. A Fellow of Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, Leadership Broward, and Women Leading Broward, Erika is a well-known leader in the legal industry and her community.


Heather Chauvin

Former social worker turned life coach, Heather is the host of the popular podcast Mom is in Control. A cancer survivor and mom of three boys, she is on a mission to help overwhelmed ambitious moms better care for themselves and their children.

Okeoma Moronu, Esq.

A securities lawyer, children’s book author, and podcast host of the award-winning Happy Lawyer Project, Okeoma is a multi-passionate lawyer and entrepreneur. She recently took a sabbatical from law to move to Costa Rica and pursue her next passion project.


Yashika Dooley, MD

In addition to her OBGYN practice, Dr. Dooley is the host of Fierce Freedom Awaits, a podcast for women in medicine, and the co-creator of Thrive2G, the first conference for women of color physicians. She’s passionate about women’s healthcare and decreasing the gender and racial gap in medicine.

Nancy_Stabell (1)
"Here are just a few highlights of the amazing wins that I’m celebrating since joining the mastermind and working with Heather:
  • I have completely restructured my practice and re-building it in a much healthier and more sustainable manner.
  • I have a more positive and enthusiastic attitude toward my company.
  • I am working less but in a more effective and sustainable way.
Heather will help you get laser-focused on what you really want. She will bring you the challenge AND support you need to achieve those goals."

Nancy Stabell


"Almost any issue that you’re struggling with in your business, Heather can help you master it. She’s incredibly smart and versatile in how and whom she advises, while never losing track of her own unique perspective and location. Heather has helped me clarify my company’s vision and thus become much more successful personally and financially.”

Diana Maier

Expert Roster

Here are some of our experts available for individual coaching. It's your program, so you get to pick and choose your sessions as well as request additional areas of expertise.

Roster Images-amber-vilhauer

Amber Vilhauer

Websites & Social Media

Roster Images-erika royal

Erika Royal

Mindset & Thought Work

Roster Images-E.W. Maxwell

E.W. Maxwell

Copywriting & Copyediting

Roster Images-Jamie Gulino Davis

Jamie Gulino Davis

Business Development & Sales

Roster Images-Jaquette Timmons

Jacquette Timmons

Finances & Pricing

Karen Sergeant

Karen Sergeant

Operations & Team

Likky Lavji

Likky Lavji

Personal & Business Organization

Roster Images-mia-lamotte

Mia LaMotte

Image & Personal Branding

Roster Images-mike ganino

Mike Ganino

Public Speaking & Storytelling

Roster Images-Mridu Parikh

Mridu Parikh

Productivity & Time Management

Roster Images-yashika-dooley

Yashika Dooley, MD

Confidence & Body Image


"Making the time for Heather Hubbard’s mastermind was so incredibly valuable. Being in a mastermind with like-minded people who focused on taking a next, big and sometimes, scary, new step in their careers was an incredibly empowering experience because it allowed me to share ideas, strategies, and solutions in an exceptionally unique and authentic way. Having the advice and feedback given to others also powerfully resonated for me was probably the most surprising and important takeaway from my mastermind with Heather. If you are looking for a supportive, honest, encouraging, and game-changing experience that will leave you feeling both immeasurably grateful and fired-up all-at-once, join Heather's mastermind!"

Kelley Miller


"Heather really shines on strategy and helping you figure out how to actually achieve all those crazy dreams you might think are impossible, and then the group members support and encourage you along the way. 

If you've got a big goal and can't figure out how to make it happen, this mastermind group will help you get there."

Autumn Witt Boyd

Ready to say HELL YES to a transformational experience that will change everything for you in 2021?

Anne_Hydorn (1)
"If you want to achieve something that isn’t the normal course or something that you are afraid to walk through, Heather is the perfect person to help you through it.
She will help you step over the line, and go into the areas that might scare the hell out of you but she is there with you all the time and helps you feel like you can conquer the world."

Anne Hydorn


Want to hear more about The 2020 Experience in Heather’s own words?